Stillness of a New Year

The stillness settles like dust after a good porch-sweeping.  I am alone as this New Year’s Day comes to its close.  Deep orange embers glow beneath charcoal logs, all encased in a new little black box that sits upon a throne of flagstone in the Southwest corner of our living room.  An ebullient heart beats beneath my robe in the warm winter evening.  2014 was a year of waiting, wanting, hoping, expecting.  2015 is already shaping up to be one of formation, flight, compassion, friendship.  Soft creaking from the belly of the fireplace reminds me that even in the unseen quiet, there is heat beneath the surface. The misunderstandings; the brooding thoughts of ex-lovers; tales that lie dormant in the hearts of writers; things hoped for but not yet seen.  The surface is hot and a whisper of oxygen will feed our hearts into understanding, forgiveness, stories that need to be heard and prayers answered.

May this new year be the oxygen you need.


After writing this post, I realized that the song “Sympathetic Friend” by StreetChoir seemed like a companion piece.  Check it out on their ReverbNation page (3rd song on their list) here.



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