Kitchen Chalkboard Project

It has been rather quiet around here on KineticHeart lately.  Yeah, we’ve been busy with “life,”  but we’ve also been busy checking things off our “House to-do list.”  I thought I’d share our most recent project.  I say OUR because it’s OUR house, my idea and Matt’s execution that made it possible.

So this is something that I have not been a fan of since we moved in 5 ½ years ago.  I am not opposed to tile in the functional sense, but I am not a fan of covering large random spaces with it.  Nor am I a fan of this color scheme.  Here’s what we’ve been looking at the last several years:


Kitchen before

It’s “fine.”  Because it landed in that ambiguous “Meh” category, it remained near the bottom of the aforementioned list.  After browsing the internet searching for simple ideas to make this spot more functional/interesting/funky, I came up with the chalkboard idea.  I know, I know.  EVERYONE and their mother has a chalkboard in their house these days.  But hey- I always write our weeks’ menu out and post it on the fridge, so why not save paper and write it on a chalkboard?  “Oh Ma-aattt.  I have an idea…”  (He cringes when he hears me say this)

We picked up a piece of masonite at a local building supply discount center for 7$.  We had some primer and bought a small can of chalkboard paint for around 15$.  Matt made a template of the space to cover with some butcher paper, cut out the masonite, primed and painted it.  He glued and nailed it up using the existing wood trim.  Then he painted some very narrow trim and nailed it up around the perimeter to cover his 1/8″ “wiggle room.”  This project ended up costing about 25$.

Kitchen after

I prepped the board by “conditioning” it.  You just rub the side of your chalk over the entire thing and wipe it several times with a barely damp cloth or sponge.

Then I searched on-line for images I wanted to transfer.  I found a fun Chinese food take-out box.

Here’s how you can transfer any design or text:  (It’s ridiculously easy!)

chalkboard tips and tricks

pencil sharpener for chalkboards

We finished our project just in time for our New Year’s party:


Do YOU have any tips or tricks for chalkboard designs?


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