Travel File: Austin, Texas // Zilker Park

We recently traveled to Austin for a quick weekend getaway.  Matt had some music-related business to attend to and I wanted to celebrate my birthday by getting out of town. (Previously we’ve gone to Denver to celebrate my b-day.  You can check out our Denver adventures HERE and HERE).

Although this wasn’t our first time visiting the capital city, it was our first time to roam around the city in a less-hurried way.  In 2007, we attended the Austin City Limits Music Festival, but our time was concentrated in Zilker Park, where all the music happens.

This is what it looked like crowded with people 8 years ago:

ACL 2007We had a blast among the 70,000 other music-lovers… (Check out Matt’s sunglasses BEFORE and AFTER.  Tip:  Don’t drop sunglasses at night in the middle of an Arcade Fire dance party on the lawn!)

ACL_2007This time we revisited the park for a morning walk and a skyscraper view.

Zilker Park Austin 2

Zilker Park AustinAlthough the weather was a bit dreary while we were there, the sun poked out for us to enjoy the morning. We parked below the bridge and were a part of the handful of walkers that were NOT mothers with strollers.  A musician hanging out along the walking path offered to sing me a song, so I obliged.  He sent us on our way with two of his CD’s.

zilker parkIt’s interesting to see a city from two completely different vantage points.  Something I love about big cities is the balance between peace and chaos.  I’m glad that peace was on our agenda for this recent trip.

Stay tuned for more posts on shopping and eating in Austin!


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