Travel File: The Road Less Traveled to Austin, TX

It’s unlike anything I have previously known.  Small towns, abandoned and left to the grips of passing dust storms.  Dilapidated homes with windows boarded like stifled whispers and water tanks taking the place of hills in an otherwise flattened landscape.

Texas backroadstexas roadsWindmills reach into the sky, loose blades dangling and dancing in the wind.  There aren’t many trees in northern Texas, and at this time of year they offer only desolate, pleading reaches with their barren arms.  The grass grasps for green with its hope projecting into the arms of May, while dairy cows happily chew through the fields planted especially for them.

It’s the middle of March in the state of Texas.

We drove from Amarillo to Austin last month, and as you can see by this map’s red line, we took the road less traveled in hopes of seeing something other than strip malls and big box stores.  Our wish was granted.

Texas Map_Amarillo to AustinThe route gave us a solid look at typical southwestern small towns.

passing viewbwIt also gave us a look at a lot of farms, cactus and trailer houses!

It was a pleasant reprieve when we entered the lovely city of Austin.  Quite a difference from the Hwy 83 drive.  The city is tattooed with graffiti and glass.

Austin TXAngular buildings protrude into the city sky, begging for your attention in a completely different way than the previously mentioned abandoned shacks.  I’d say that both are equally intriguing.

Austin skylines

Austin Tx 2The city is full of food trucks, shopping and parks.  Even in that short distance between country and city, we witnessed the result of more humid days in the form of a greener landscape.Austin TX cityFor me, City and country have equally “endearing” qualities. Which do YOU prefer?


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