Time for Tea

I’m going to be making up for lost time, friends.  I have been sorely neglecting my blog in exchange for…a busy schedule.  Not my favorite way to roll through life, but school is out and mamma has some free time!  Woo hoo!  Summer is here!  And what better way to kick off the welcomed heat than…a glass of tea?!

IMG_6130As a kid, it was always a sign of warm weather when my mom popped the Lipton tea bags into our glass jar and set it on the porch.  We drank a lot of sun tea…until Mom formed some kidney stones and the Doc said it was probably due to all the black tea (caffeine?  Acid?  IDK…)

I love tea, but I just can’t do a lot of caffeine, so I opt for the herbal route.  I usually fill up the jar in the morning, add my favorite herbs and toss it on the deck rail for the day.

Bulk herbs are awesome because A) they’re cheap and B) I can mix and match depending on what I think my body needs.  I buy the majority of mine from Natural Grocers.  If you’re luckily enough to live on the Central Coast of California, you can shop at the Secret Garden Herb Shop in San Luis Obispo and not only buy individual herbs, but Kirstin has fantastic mixes ready to go!  I highly suggest checking it out if you have the chance.  If you’d rather buy ready-made teabags, that’s an easy way to go.  I suggest 6-8 teabags per large glass jar.  PLEASE buy organic teas, as we know that consuming conventionally grown ANYTHING has a higher pesticide content!

I don’t usually measure anything (you know this by now, right?), so I just throw a small scoop of everything in the water, mix it around and place it in the sun.  Here’s the combo I’ve been brewing up lately:

Dandelion Root:  A detoxifier; removes pollutants from the body which prevents arthritic inflammation; liver tonic; cleans prostate; promotes urinary tract and pancreatic health.

Nettles:  stimulates blood circulation; benefits liver, gallbladder + kidney; builds energy; contains serotonin

Hibiscus:  Mainly for the sweet flavor, but also is high in Vitamin C

Rose hips:  anti-aging; boosts immunity; Contains Vit. A + D, B-complex, C (citric, malic + ascorbic), calcium, iron, silicon, selenium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and bioflavonoid rutin.  It’s basically a power-house herb for everything.  It’s tangy and I put it in all my teas!

Lemonbalm: Soothes digestion; anti-bacterial and virus fighter; aids respiratory healing (think allergies!); anti-depressant and nervous system tonic.

Milk Thistle: This herb helps suppress the release of histamines in your body, which are linked to allergic reactions and headaches.  Many ailments can be linked to liver weakness, so this plant helps to strengthen your liver!

Peppermint:  refreshing flavor and calms the entire body

Ginger:  Stabilizes blood pressure and heart function; increases blood flow and circulation.

We discovered that this tea mixes great with other things like Kombucha and fruit juices.  Last week I poured half a glass of tea and added carrot juice, mineral water, a few splashes of Lavender Kombucha and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.  It’s a pretty crazy concoction, but Matt and I agreed that it was awesome after a day of lawn-mowing!

Herbs have been used for centuries to treat ailments and promote health all over the world.  Why shouldn’t we continue to use them in these modern times?  I am not a professional of any kind, so consult your health care provider to understand any herb-drug interactions if you are on medications.  Otherwise, consult your local herb authorities for the best herb match for you 🙂


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