Late Spring Rain

Rumor has it that Amarillo hadn’t received that much rain in the month of May since the 1950’s.  I guess all those rain dances and praying paid off 😉  I can hardly believe this was already two weeks ago!  Check out these photos from the rain we had recently:

IMG_6237Matt and I stood at the back of our property, in awe of the water winding its way through our yards.

IMG_6233IMG_6241Down the street, our road is a bridge over a waterway.  This is what it looks like in Winter (notice the water height):


streamWhat it looked like two weeks ago after a night of hard rain:

IMG_6258IMG_6259This panorama shows just how flooded we got!

IMG_6261On the right side of the road it was COMPLETELY flooding over.  In fact, the house next to the “river” was so flooded that their dogs were swimming in the yard!!!

Now that the parched high plains have received a gulp of life, neighbors grumble as they “mow the lawn again“, and playa lakes have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  Although Amarillo is looking greener than ever, we hit 91 degrees yesterday and the days have turned warm with clear skies.  Hanging out in the sunshine suits me fine, but I will always welcome a late Spring rain.


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