Travel File: The Time is Now

Canyon Loop Camping Bluewater Lake New Mexico 2He plucks the mandolin, and I, my eyebrows, both of us taking advantage of the truthful morning light. Our campsite is quiet at daybreak except for the occasional crow and other feathered friends which I cannot identify by ear. More “modern” campers pull out of their sites early. They dump their garbage and head down the road with diesel fumes trailing behind. I do hear the hum of the park maintenance truck at the outhouse down the road; his radio welcome company as he “maintains” the pit toilets. Large ants march up and down the evergreen we’ve parked our tent beneath. I wonder what the wants and needs are of the insects that traverse the terrain of bark and sap.

Canyon Loop Camping Bluewater Lake New MexicoBluewater Lake Campground_Canyon Loop New Mexico 2

IMG_9197re_bwWe are the only campers in the canyonside loop of Bluewater Lake. Although many sites hold “reserved” signs, not one person has shown up to enjoy the trees with their miniature pine cones, or the view of the canyon. Their loss.  And definitely our gain. Puffy New Mexico clouds and solitude hunted by poets are gifts we’ve received this morning. Even Sprockett seems overly satisfied as he lies near the fire pit, outstretched in glorious content, lifting his nose when the sagebrush air swishes through. I have been asking and waiting for a moment like this.

Bluewater Lake Campground_Canyon Loop New MexicoHe has switched to the larger stringed instrument. “The time has come, The time is now. Ask what you will and I will give it to you, ask what you will and I will give it to you.” I am moved by the simplicity of the song. Sitting here in this morning solitude, surrounded by a beauty that only God could create, I feel the urgency, the reminder and the faith to believe that the time is always now. I am here because I am a creature of God’s and I’ve been afforded the luxury to ask and receive.

Bluewater Lake Campground_Canyon Hike

Bluewater Lake_NM_Canyon Hike 2Bluewater Lake_NM_Canyon HikeFor more information on Bluewater State Park in New Mexico, visit their website here:  Bluewater State Park

Bluewater State Park has Canyonside Camping and Lakeside Camping.  We preferred the canyonside, but lakeside would be great if you’re there for water sports.  Our site was $10 for the night, had vault toilets, a communal water source and check-out time at 2 PM.  The hike down into the canyon was easy and beautiful.


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