Travel File: Grand Canyon

This summer we took a road trip to California, making stops in NM (see the post here) and Arizona to camp.  After a night spent on the outskirts of Flagstaff, we set out to see the Grand Canyon.

Grand_Canyon_postcardsI have been to the Grand Canyon before, but I was 16 years old and did not appreciate it as I should have at the time.  As Matt and I were driving into Flagstaff the day before, he suggested we visit the state park since we were ahead of schedule.   After looking at the map, I agreed it would be a shame to be so close and NOT go.  I happily agreed.

Grand_Canyon_MapAfter awaking early (too early, really) the next morning, we packed up our camp and headed up 89 to the eastern entrance of the park.  We passed numerous jewelry and pottery stands along the way, although most were closed at 7:30 AM.

We arrived at the park entrance just after 8 AM.  It was a little hazy in the canyon, but beautiful and breathtaking all the same.  We stopped at a few of the main lookouts, like the watchtower.

grand_canyon_tower Grand_canyon_1 grand_canyon_inside_towerWe enjoyed the trees as we wound through the park, and stopped at a little pull out to take in the view.  We both thought it was the best spot, because there were hardly any tourists crowding the view. (yet)

grand_canyon_bw grand_canyon_2 grand_canyon_us Grand_Canyon_PanoIt was a morning well-spent, taking in the majesty of another natural wonder.


  • Our campsite in Flagstaff was free (another post to come about that)
  • The drive from Flagstaff to the east entrance (South Rim) took about 1 or 1.5 hours.  (Lovely drive-take it slow and enjoy it!)
  • The entrance fee to the park was $30 and good for 7 days
  • Dogs are allowed on a leash
  • ARRIVE EARLY.  When we exited the park around 11 AM, the line of cars was VERRRRYYYYYYYYY LONG to get in.
  • If you are a photographer, I suggest camping in the state park to get awesome sunrise and sunset lighting.  Otherwise, the gates may close before or after times you want to be photographing!

If you have any tips for visiting the Grand Canyon, please post them below to share with others!  Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Travel File: Grand Canyon

  1. Still one of my favourite places we’ve visited on our travels! I don’t think I’ve ever been rendered so speechless lol which is quite the achievement for me! Great photos, brought back great memories of our road trip!

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