Quick Paper Lantern Project

It has been quite a while since I have posted a craft project. This one has been on the list for about six months.  It took me just under an hour this afternoon to do it, and I’m happily surprised that it reminds me of sea shells!

I started with an existing white paper lantern I made a few years ago.  Here’s how to make your own:  You’ll need a punch balloon (Dollar store find; they are more round and bigger than regular balloons), coffee filters, Vaseline, paintbrush and a white glue/water mix.

Blow up the balloon.  Cover it with a thin layer of Vaseline. (That way the balloon won’t stick after it dries).  Make a watery white glue mix and paint some onto the balloon, then start layering flattened coffee filters over the balloon.  Cover the balloon with 2 -3 layers of coffee filters, using the glue mix beneath and on top of the filters.  (An old, 2-3″ paintbrush works great)

After it dries completely (at least 24 hrs), pop the balloon and cut a circle around the top to make a hole for your light bulb to fit through.  THANKS TO MY SISTER ASHLEY FOR TELLING ME HOW TO MAKE THESE!!!  (OR, buy a paper lantern already made if you’re not that ambitious! 😉)

A tall package of filters will last you forever!

Fold a bunch of filters in half.  Using a hot glue gun, lay a small line of glue near the folded edge and place along the top edge of the lantern.  Continue the process around the top edge, working your way down to the bottom.  I liked how each row was kind of “opposite” with the scallops, giving it more of a shingled look.

Keep doing this all the way to the bottom.  At the very bottom I cut a few of the scallops in half since the surface area became so small.

Hope this inspires some crafty afternoon fun for you!


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