Exposures: Fungus

Our recent trip to the mountains of New Mexico brought attention to all of the rain the state has been receiving this year.  Attention that namely presented itself in the way of mushrooms.  Yeah, I said mushrooms.  As in fungus.  Beautiful, glorious, fairy-loved mushrooms.  I took so many photographs of them that I decided to dedicate a post just to them!

mushrooms_collage_New_Mexico mushrooms_collage_New_Mexico2This next one is my most prized mushroom photo.  Perhaps it won “top prize” because it was the only cluster I saw formed against a tree.  Maybe it won for “most dangerous attempt at photographing a fungus” because of the circumstances.  After all, I was having a tinkle on the side of the road, down a bit of a slope (out of view), and I said to myself, “Are those mushrooms down there on that tree?”  I squinted, trying to size up the girth of the growth against a moss-laden pine.  Entranced by the color, I had to scale down the side of the mountain (mind you, it was very mushy and muddy from the previous night’s downpour) to investigate.  Sure enough, it was a golden group of perfectly-shaped mushrooms clustered against the bark.  I carefully placed my feet as I swung around different sides of the tree, trying to find the perfect angle.  I had one ankle hooked around the base of the tree, the opposite foot pressed against the base and myself cantilevered from the trunk using all of my yoga balance to allow both hands on the camera.  Got it!



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