Colorado Splendor

The warm fingers of dawn playfully tapped at my face through the open window.  My roommate was fast asleep in the shadows; no light taunted her to awaken.  One part of me wanted to continue in slumber, but a stronger urge moved my limbs down the stairs to the coffee pot.  All was quiet and motionless, except for the wandering family of deer and golden hearts dancing against ashen limbs outside.

colorado deerColorado_1When that soft peach washed over the morning sky, the cold sting of pre-dawn air diminished into the stillness.

colorado sunrise 2Staying in someone else’s home can be tricky sometimes, but there was nothing tricky about Colleen’s cabin.  My friend insisted we would have a fantastic time visiting the mountains in her mom’s retreat; she was right!  We all made ourselves at home.  We drank tea by the fire, enjoyed dinners in a glass dining room, let inspiration strike while we enjoyed the screened-in porch, had wine on the deck…

Colorado_3We painted, sang, listened to poets pour their hearts out.  We ate and drank, talked, cooked and sat in silence.

Colorado_2We hiked, explored and observed nature with reverence and awe.  We relaxed.Colorado_4 lake Isabel Colorado fishermanlake Isabel ColoradoWe took a tour of local Bishop’s Castle, with an encounter of Mr. Bishop himself!


Bishops Castle ColoradoThe best part about the trip was spending time with these girls.  It wouldn’t have mattered where we were, but the mountains made it that much better!

the girlsHere are previous posts I’ve written about the area near Rye, Colorado:

Bishop’s Castle                                                Camping at Lake Isabel

Sunrise on Lake Isabel                     Other musings from this girl’s trip


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