Exposures: Winter Walk

Here are a few more from our walk the other morning.  I was very happy that I took my camera along-even if my hands were frozen by the end of it!

back yard freezing fogdried podmerican flag bunting in snowblack and white photography freezing fogfrosty groundbare fieldcactus in the snow bwfrozen berries

Freezing fog has an eerie effect in photography.  Sometimes the landscapes are so subdued that it’s hard to tell if they’re in color or black and white.  The lovely advantage, as with any dreary day, is that colors pop when it’s overcast.


4 thoughts on “Exposures: Winter Walk

  1. Oh my dear Amber, I love what you see….thank you for sharing your incredible eye, your talent…thank you for putting it out there, for capturing it, so that we can see it too! You make me weep, in awe of the beauty everywhere…

    1. Cheryl & Craig, I had no idea that was a pecan until a few days ago! Our lovely neighbor brought us a bag of roasted pecans from his sister’s tree, and another bag of uncracked pecans. I looked at the shells and said, “wait a minute…” because I remembered the photo. Turns out our other neighbor has a GIANT pecan tree. OMG those pecans were unreal in flavor! There’s no comparison to store-bought pecans. YUM!

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