Dreaming of Dewar’s

It’s starting to happen.  The weather has a spike in heat as we round the corner to March.  People begin to emerge from hibernation; they take the dog to the park, they eye the weeds that pop up in the abandoned garden patch, they want ice cream.

Dewars mural

On my last trip to California, my dad took me to a local ice cream shop in his neck of the woods.  As we sat upon swivel stools and waited for our orders to be filled, my uncle reminisced back to the days when he and his friends would go out cruising, occasionally stopping for a shake at Dewar’s.

Dewars ice cream Bakersfield

The ice cream was good, but the nostalgia was even better.  It was a warm evening and I loved hearing stories from my older ice-cream-eating friends.  It’s pretty cool to have a place like this that still exists-especially in cities where large chains should easily monopolize the market.

Dewars Bakersfield

Dewars BW

As the weather warms up, may I suggest a trip to your local mom and pop soda shop?


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