Today’s Art Lesson

My husband and I recently celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  Time flies!  My good friend Del asked if we’d had recent family photos taken.  I told her we really had never done that before.  But I realized today, that one time when my dad was visiting he took photos of us out in our field with the old Fairlane Matt used to drive.  We had wanted photos for our Christmas card that year (2011), and instead of doing what we normally do (set the camera timer and cross our fingers), Dad did the honors.  I cannot remember what photos made the cut for the card, but looking through them today, I chose this one as my favorite:

Ed Howe Photography_Fairlane

Oh dogs…

Well, a lot can change in five years!  One less dog, no more bangs for me or ponytail for Matt.

Photography by Del

Del and I have known each other for….quite a few years.  We both joined a book club arranged by a mutual friend, and although we didn’t hang out a ton back then, we ran into each other all the time at art openings and various events around town.  About a year and a half ago my friend started a weekly ladies’ night and Del was thrown into the mix 🙂  And our friendship has been nothing short of fantastic ever since!

Delores Maldanoda Photography_2

We became fast friends with mutual interests in photography, art, crafts, nature, helping others, reading, sushi…In her art studio she hosts events called “Design and Wine”,  where you hang out and make an art project and drink wine.  The thing I love is that she has ALL of the supplies you need.  I mean, come on-how cool is that?  A few weeks ago we made terra cotta necklace pendants that you drop essential oils onto.  It’s my new favorite jewelry!

Del and I both brainstormed for the shoot, and I LOVED her ideas about incorporating what Matt and I love and do into the photos.  She also totally gets our silly side 🙂

Delores Maldanoda Photography_1

We liked doing this in our own home environment, which made the whole thing super comfortable.  That, and the fact that Del’s just easy-going and up for anything!

Delores Maldanoda Photography_4

Delores Maldanoda Photography_3

Pets are always a challenge when it comes to photography, aren’t they?

Delores Maldanoda Photography_Sprockette

Del suggested a blanket or quilt that I made for our “picnic.”  I was hesitant at first about using this one, but I really like how the bright colors look with our more subdues clothes.  We love music, photography, picnics, whiskey, reading, our pets…

Delores Maldanoda Photography_picnic 2

I think this one is my’s hard to choose, though.

Delores Maldanoda Photography_picnic 1

I didn’t intentionally try to “match-patch” our outfits.  It just happened that my new skirt looked best with a black blouse and Matt’s tie looked best with a black shirt…we ended up with black and brown ensembles!  I picked up Matt’s Frank Lloyd Wright tie at a thrift store years ago, and it’s one of his “go-to” ties.  I remember the first time I saw Matt dressed up, years before we were married; he had a hat on with a suit.  I thought, “Now this guy has style!”

Delores Maldanoda Photography_picnic 3

His signature style is jeans and funky socks, and when he dresses up, the bowling shoes make an appearance.

Delores Maldanoda Photography_picnic triptych

Delores Maldanoda Photography_feet

Delores Maldanoda Photography_6

So, here’s the art lesson for today.  Del said, “Hey guys, what do you think about doing an American Gothic style portrait?”  To which I replied, “Huh?”  She and Matt explained the piece of art they were referencing.  I knew exactly what they were talking about, but I never knew the name of the painting.  Here’s the well-known masterpiece by Grant Wood:

American Gothic

Here’s OUR version:

Delores Maldanoda Photography_American Gothic

If you live in Amarillo and want photographs taken of you and your loved ones, check out Del Maldonado on Facebook HERE.  She’s an all-around awesome chick to know and she’s super-talented! xoxox

P.S.  You can also sign up for Del’s Design and Wine events on her FB page!




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