National Park Week

I just found out that it’s National Park Week!  Apparently every national park this week (through April 24th) is offering FREE ADMISSION.  What?!  How cool is that?  I guess I’ll have to remember that for next year and plan a trip around it!  So if you’re able to get to a national park, by all means do it!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any NATIONAL parks close to me in Amarillo, but I’ve had the opportunity to visit several over the years.  One of our favorite places is Joshua Tree National Park.

Joshua Tree National Park 2_title

It can be a pretty windy this time of year (my tent actually broke in the wind one night and I had to trash it the next day…)  That super windy spring break trip landed us in Vegas for the second night because, well, we no longer had a functioning tent and the wind was quite unbearable.  Instead, we found a cheap hotel and cooked grilled cheese with the camp stove on the toilet (the only room with a fan-we didn’t want to set off the fire alarm!)

Joshua Tree National Park 3

These photos were taken with film.

But I’ve visited since then and had a lovely experience in mid September.

Joshua Tree National Park 1

If you like rock climbing or “bouldering” (or even if you don’t), this is a beautiful National Park.  My husband camped here as a child, and I’m sure he and his siblings spent countless hours discovering new caves and viewpoints.

Joshua Tree National Park 4

Joshua Tree National Park 5

Joshua Tree National Park 6

There had been a fire the last time we visited and many Joshua Trees were scorched black.

If you’ve never experienced Joshua Tree National Park, add it to your bucket list. And may I suggest listening to U2’s THE  JOSHUA TREE album while driving into the park?  It’s quite a pairing!

What’s YOUR favorite National Park?

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