Life is Good, Y’all

It has been way too long.  Spring and Summer roll around and suddenly I disappear from my blog. I can’t help but get outside when the getting’s good…and this summer has been beautiful. I can’t wait to tell you and show you all the things that we’ve done and seen so far this year, but I’m afraid those updates might not appear here until later in the year when it’s cold and I don’t want to be outside anymore.

So for now, here are some glimpses of adventures I will cover LATER on kinetic heart: (and a few things that won’t get their own blog posts, but I feel deserve a nod because they were so much fun!)

A road trip to Cimarron National Grasslands in Kansas:

I discovered new favorite wines at a dinner and wine tasting event:

Matt is playing live music again on restaurant patios:

Amarillo officially has their own brewery now (it has been a long time coming!!!)

We spent the weekend in Santa Fe with Matt’s parents in a home that was also a folk art gallery:

We Took a little hike at Bandelier National Monument:

We checked out Amarillo’s number one attraction according to trip advisor: The Jack Sisemore Traveland RV museum:

We’re half-way done tearing down an old shed on our property:

We are only done with the above project half-way because we also decided to tear out our deck and replace it with new and improved wood:

We took another road trip to Twin Lakes, Co to camp and fish. (And drove through a wildfire on the way there!)

My summer break at church is done and I’m back in the kitchen cooking with the kids!

I’d say that this has been a fantastic Spring/ Summer so far!  We’re off to Taos once again ( I can’t deny how much I love it there!) next weekend for camping and Airbnb-ing with friends.  We’ll be hitting their local brewery and also an Alabama Shakes show!!!  I can’t wait to spend time in the mountains with some of my best friends!  August will also have another road trip to Utah and Vegas, as well as a quick trip to California to spend with my dear friend for her 40th!  Wow.  Did I mention vacation Bible school or hosting our friend’s 30th birthday party at our house? Or the trip we’re planning with my sister to Colorado?  I won’t even mention the “tiny house” project we’re doing on the side…

Life is good y’all.





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