Travel File: Santa Fe, NM

As this day wanes into a cool-air evening, the still-summer day clings in the form of mosquitoes at my feet.  I’m a little sad that Autumn officially rears its head this Thursday, even though the past week has already let the cool air creep in.  Each year I mourn the loss of warm evenings and days when I can leave the house without a sweater.  It’s not that I hate Fall; when summer is over it means that winter is near, and in Amarillo, while the snow is mild compared to most season-changing climates, I am a California girl who hates to go outside if the temps drop below 40.  Autumn is a double-edged sword for me:  I love sweaters but I hate being cold!  So today I am sending gratitude to this season that will shut her eyes in a few short days, and thanking her for the warm nights and sunshine I’ve traveled by.


In June we traveled in high-noon sunlight to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  For a few days we met up with my in-laws at a home exchange in the hills above this popular New Mexico town.


The home where we stayed had a back porch with a beautiful view and an interior stuffed with folk art.  It doubled as a gallery-how cool is that?  I’ve always been a fan of folk art; the simplistic brush strokes, vibrant colors and whimsical nature convey shared community values and beliefs from places I long to visit.  As a teenager, my favorite store was Pier One Imports; I loved getting lost in faraway places.  So it’s no surprise that I found this house to be especially appealing!



The weather was lovely, and so was the company!  There was an evening of basketball; a morning playing cribbage; a perfectly still night sipping wine on the porch, looking for constellations and discussing the future.  When we did leave the comfort of the adobe, there was good food and downtown exploring too!


We snatched up fresh bread, local kimchi and earthworms from the farmer’s market.  We learned about olive oil in a tasting room.  A bride and her party made their way down the main street as they celebrated love after the ceremony.



Even though we’ve been to the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi on past occasions, we toured it once again, only to be inspired all over again!


Santa Fe is a special place.  Have YOU been?  What are your favorite places to visit?

If you’re planning a trip to this area, here’s some info to help you travel:

Plan on visiting The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi (it’s free, but you can always donate), as well as the Loretto chapel which is located almost next door. (A nominal fee to enter and well worth it!)

We ate at Harry’s Roadhouse, which may not look or sound like anything special, but I guarantee you are wrong!  This place was a pleasant surprise, with a huge menu (vegetarian friendly) and healthy food.  The back patio was gorgeous, it had a full bar and a kind staff.  It’s a busy place and now I know why!

Café Pasqual’s is also very good and very busy.  A bit pricy, but you get HIGH quality food at this downtown establishment with lots of vegetarian options.

Plan to spend a few hours at the farmer’s market on Saturday.  Everything from your typical veggies and fruits to things like local cheeses, breads, kimchis, soaps and handmade items are there.  Shop till ya’ drop.

If you’re in the market for some folk art, check out Galerie Bonheur on-line here.

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