Travel File: Denver (Again)

My sister currently lives in Moab, Utah. We live in Amarillo, Texas. Denver, Colorado happens to be about 5 1/2 hours away from each of us. So we recently met up for the weekend in Colorado to have some sister time.  All of the leaves were beginning to turn and it looked like fall. But it was in the 80s and felt like summer!

I love Denver because it’s a big city with lots of cool downtown buildings, but at the same time it has a friendly, small town vibe.

It was a very relaxing time, which consisted mainly of us wandering around town, eating and chilling at our airbnb house.

We stopped for an afternoon beer and snack on a rooftop patio….Then went fancy donut-hunting and ended up here:Banana bread with maple icing and chocolate chips; blueberry fritter w/ cream cheese icing & lemon zest; maple bacon; pumpkin pie donut and a vanilla bean glazed donut.  They were SO GOOD!

We girls shopped till we dropped at Fancy Tiger Crafts.  Matt patiently waited on their church pew 😀We discovered a fish and chips restaurant that was VERY English. I fell in love with curry sauce!!!We had a delicious brunch on Sunday at Olive + Finch, in uptown, along “restaurant row.”

While visiting Denver, several residents told us that Denver has become a trendy new place to live. Apparently their housing prices have jumped 20% over the last two years and income has only increased 9%! (Sounds a lot like California when we left)  A shopowner told us that many of her friends have left Denver because it is becoming too expensive to live there.  Apparently they all moved to Asheville, NC.  😳. I guess when my sister’s sabbatical is over in Utah and she heads back to her home in Asheville, she might have some new neighbors!

HAVE YOU BEEN TO DENVER?  What are your favorite things to do there?


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