Back in July, I shared a few things that we had done over the summer and spring and things we were looking forward to as summer ends and fall begins.  I thought I’d share a few photos from some of the highlights.

We are still working away finishing up our deck remodel. And tearing down that gross shed…

I’ve had the continued pleasure of being Matt’s “roadie”, which means that I get to attend a lot of cool events for free!  One of those events was a tour of local historic houses (or should I say “small mansions”?).  A trolley shuttled me around town that day 😀

My girlfriends and I also got to crash a fantastic art show at their “preferred buyers reception”.  We had wine, locally made cheese and bread….and we also bid on some artwork by kids who entered the show.  It was a fundraiser to bring art opportunities to local children. I was totally impressed by the quality of work represented at the show!

Another fun event was the High Plains Food Bank harvest party.  Matt played music and I helped at the pumpkin painting booth.  They had animals to pet & feed; yummy samples of food from the garden; face painting; my friend had her angora rabbit there to show how you can spin your own yarn!   I was totally impressed with the gardening skills of Cara, who is the mastermind behind their gardens! I love that they are educating people on how to grow their own food.

Thanks to our friends Kathryn and Trey, we went to our first WTAMU football tailgate party and game.  What a Texas experience!

Something else that happened…. Our friends Mari and Leticia, who have been married for 3 years, finally finished the process for Leticia to adopt Amaiya as her daughter too!  We went to the courthouse only to discover that they were the very first same-sex couple to complete the adoption process in the Texas panhandle.  It was a happy day for history! ❤️

We participated in the annual street fundraiser to raise awareness about human trafficking.  The event raised $12,500, which will go to Thai, Cambodian and local organizations fighting this epidemic.

We’ve had some fun things for the kids at church recently too.  Matt & I dressed up as bearded ladies for our “vintage circus” carnival!

Due to inclement weather, we had to have their “campout ” at the church.  The scavenger hunt, s’mores and music was all part of the fun.  We even got a little sleep 😉

The next thing I’m gearing up for is our holiday craft fair at church.  It feels good to be back in the craft room.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


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