Happy Halloween

Some people when asked, will say that Christmas is their favorite holiday.  Many will reply with “Thanksgiving.”  Yet others (like my husband), will claim 4th of July as their  favorite.  There’s a group of people who like Halloween best, and I’m in that camp.  I love it for no other reason than the fact that I get to dress up. 


Here’s my sister and I, circa 1983? ’84?  My mom always had a suitcase full of dress-up clothes for us to play with.  It included her old dresses and random shoes.  We loved it!  My mom’s mom also had a KILLER suitcase for us to dig through when we went to visit our grandparents during the summer.  Grandma Elma’s stash included everything from clothes to scarves, jewelry, shoes and WIGS.  So it’s not really a mystery why Ashley and I still like to dress up-especially on Halloween.

I wore roller skates to work one Halloween when I was a car hop.


And I made several appearances as Pipi Longstocking when I was young… Check out this still  from the film.  What a role model!!!


Matt and I have dressed up together A LOT.  Our very first Halloween party I made us Popeye and Olive Oil costumes.  I usually find random stuff at thrift stores and re-make them.



In 2005 we went to a barn dance Halloween party at my Aunt Judi’s.  What a blast!  We dressed up as David St. Hubbins and his girlfriend Jeanine, from This is Spinal Tap Nobody knew who we were except for my brother and sister-in-law, but we knew we looked good…hahaha.


Musician David St. Hubbins and his girlfriend Jeanine in Spinal Tap.


My 30th birthday costume party was themed around Andy Warhol’s “Factory”, where he worked and lived with artists, musicians and filmmakers.


Andy and Edie.

I dressed up as Edie Sedgewick, Matt was Andy Warhol and Ashley was Jan Brady.



In 2007 we were invited to a 90’s themed Halloween party.  What fun that was!  We dressed up as George and Elaine from Seinfeld.  Matt even shaved his hairline to look bald like George! (sorry the quality is so bad on these!)


In 2009 we decided to go as artists.  I chose Frida Kahlo, and Matt chose Vincent Van Gogh. ( I was pretty proud of my make-up job!)


2010 we decided to get extra silly, and we went as the Dick in a Box guys from SNL: (You know-Justin Timberlake and Andy Samburg)




2011 was when the double rainbow video went viral, so we enlisted our friend Andrea to go as double rainbow guy, while Matt and I were the rainbow:

Double rainbow costume.jpg

In 2012 we decided to try out another favorite theatrical couple:  Margot and Ritchie Tenenbaum.  I had way too much fun with this costume.  I couldn’t find a fur coat anywhere, so I made one.  I think I should have been a costume designer in a past life!


Margot and Ritchie from “The Royal Tenenbaums”



That was also the year I got to dress up TWICE because I worked at a creperie, so we all dressed the part!


We have a fall carnival every year at church, so the last few years I have been challenged to dress up as recognizable characters to the kids.  The first year we were inspired by the Alice in Wonderland cartoon:


I made a hat, a bow tie and an apron.  The rest I found in our closets/costume box.


Last year I was inspired by Dr. Seuss for the carnival:


This year we’ve already had the carnival.  We went as bearded ladies.  The kids were really confused!  Ha!



And guess what?!  We still get to dress up for a party tomorrow night!  I have no idea what we’ll be….But I’ll let you know after the weekend!





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