Winter in the Canyon

Even though we had snow and sub-zero wind-chill temperatures four days ago, today was a beautiful 70 degrees.  Almost all the snow is gone, and although the wind was quite gusty at times, we still managed to plan a day outside.  I have been thoroughly enjoying this exceptionally warm winter here in the panhandle!

We were chomping at the bit to be outside after having a bout of cabin fever, and we wanted to get our new puppy acquainted with the outdoor lifestyle she’d be living ASAP.

What do beautiful days and an itch to be active in Amarillo mean?  For us, they equal a day on the trails in the nearby state park of Canyon, Texas.

It was a perfect day for a walk and a picnic with our niece who is visiting.

Bowie did really well.  She already loves to be outside-she’s going to make an excellent hiking dog.  I think we will all sleep well tonight!


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