San Antonio Sights

While going through old journals today, I found this entry and it made me laugh, so I thought I would share it.  It was written on a page titled, “South Padre Trip-San Antonio.”


San Antonio, Texas.  A lot like L.A. but with more trees.  Lots of traffic.  Strip mall after strip mall.  Starbucks after Starbucks.

Shopping mall. Inside of “Lush: Handmade Cosmetics”

I’m browsing. Matt is unattended. He looks at a display of deodorant, barely handles it and half the bar crumbles with his touch.  I look away for two seconds and when I come back he is trying to fit his manhand into a container of jasmine-scented-yellow-lotion-looking stuff. Before I can say, “Usually they give you a popsicle stick to dish out a sample from a communal container,” he removes sunglasses from the top of his head and proceeds to rub said goop on his hands and then into his hair.  Eyes wide and eyebrows raised,  I calmly ask, “Whatcha’ doing honey?”

He says, “Oh, just trying this hair finisher.”


Stationed in a Starbucks parking lot, we watch the dance moves of a young family man unfold in front of us.

Guy and girl enter coffee house. Her:  pretty, petite, long hair that most girls would kill for, full lips; too short to be a model.  Early 20s with a one-year-old in her arm.  Him: very tall, thin, skinny pants, dark skin, navy blue close-fitting shirt with a V-neck, his good looks would make even Zac Efron jealous.  Bleached hair.

She orders drinks, he goes outside to wait while practicing his Capoiera moves directly in front of a table where an elderly pair of Asian men sit enjoying their coffee. The men have no problem displaying their amusement at the fight-dancer; they giggle like school girls.

Matt and I watch all of this happen through the lens of our windshield, fogged with the steam of hot coffee.  Engulfed in the scent of Jasmine, Patchouli and hotel shampoo, we take in the sights of San Antonio while listening to The Black Keys.



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