Travel File: Red Rock Park

As I mentioned in a previous travel post about our recent road trip through New Mexico, we hiked two trails at Gallup’s Red Rock Park.  Snow still kissed the ground the morning after we stayed the night and this was very exciting to our husky puppy!

church rock view

We hit up the Church Rock Trail (there are two main trails at the park; we hiked the Pyramid trail the day before) around 9 in the morning.  Parking was rather far away to the actual trail head.


church rock entranceThe trail was set high above a dry riverbed, with rock faces, stairs and mud to maneuver.

Entering church rock hiking trail

The recent storm left behind many frozen pools and streams.frozen puddle

Once we rounded the bend and had a good view of Church Rock, we played in a frozen stream, where our puppy went crazy sliding around….and almost slid right off the edge of the cliff (serious heart attack situation for me!)

Church Rock

church rock trail NM ridgechurch rock trail NM 2

Matt suggested we scale down the hillside to the riverbed-you know, get a different perspective on the way back to the car.


riverbed 2

sand dunes with snow

It was a great way to let the puppy get her wiggles out before heading down the road.  If you pass through Gallup, NM, Red Rock Park is a nice place to stretch and see some beautiful southwest landscape.



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