The Greatest Gift

I can’t believe it has been a year.  Last Easter my friend put together an art show called “The Greatest Gift.”  This was her vision:

Holy week (Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday) is when Jesus Christ journeyed into Jerusalem to carry out His ultimate sacrifice through His crucifixion. The Greatest Gift was an art exhibit made by our community and inspired by their own relationship with God. The idea was to have individuals pray about Christ’s journey to the cross and then, by using their God-given talents, convey their feelings in art form to share with the public.

She wanted seasoned artists as well as novices to be able to participate.  She gave a list of scriptures to inspire and explain all that He went through during his last week of life.  I had the opportunity to participate as an artist…I’ve never done anything like this before and I really wanted to be a part of it, even though the project scared me.  I loved art classes in school and cultivated a love of sewing through a job at a fabric store, but I didn’t go to art school.  So, to put something out there for the public eye seemed daunting.  BUT,  I loved my friend’s heart for his exhibit and wanted to support her and do something I’d never done.

art show_graphic

I had the opportunity to help with some of the “behind the scenes” work that went into this show.  It was held in a very nice conference room at my friend Rena’s work.  It was a brand new building and I think she did an excellent job displaying the artwork and welcoming people.

The Greatest Gift Art show


Many of my friends contributed…

Alicia Cartrite



I loved how everything from painting to poetry was accepted!

Here I am with my piece (my eyes are closed, of course!)  I chose to paint an olive tree on canvas, then added magazine paper leaves and stitched Jesus’ prayer from the garden of Gethsemane over the entire thing.  The words are hard to see, but I wanted it that way because, after all, it was a very quiet moment between Father and son.  Rena’ even figured out how to display it.  She was really great at that!

Amber Howe

The artwork stretched from found objects to knee replacement parts (only Jay was cool enough to think of that!) to photography and pottery.

Jay Longino Artwork

Jay’s cross-check out the tiny crown!

We even had a few pieces by local, well-known artist Kenneth Wyatt (right).

Kenneth Wyatt

Horeseshoe cross

He is Alive

Reba Art

The Greatest Gift Art show 2016wood and cross

Nails in the cross

This artist used real nails through their canvas.

I even had the kids at church draw pictures and then put them all together in a hanging display:


artCrosses at sunset

This one didn’t photograph well.  It was “The Ascension” and had a cool light behind the white. It was the view of going up through the clouds.

the ascension

And last but not least, Rena’s batik labor of love.  For all my fabric friends out there, you know batik and you know what goes into it.  She painted some detail as well.  I love everything about her piece-the perspective, the detail, the simplicity.

Rena Longino

Jesus on the Cross Batik Rena Longino

Even though this show was last year, I thought it was only appropriate to share about it today, on Easter.

My apologies to anyone who was a part of this show and I didn’t get a photo of their work or for not having all the artists’ names.


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