California Dreamin’ about Ginger-Mint Limeade

One of my very favorite pastimes is to lay in the sun.  Maybe it’s the California girl in me. A Beach towel, picnic blanket or a lounge chair at the park, on my deck or poolside with a good book or podcast is a special, lazy treat for me.  When spring and summer hit, I treat myself to this guilty pleasure on a fairly regular basis.  Some people go for spa treatments, others a massage or maybe a really great meal after a long week.  Sunshine is my reward of choice.  And what better to pair with a warm afternoon than an ice cold drink?  

I’m in favor of a 1 quart mason jar piled high with ice and something tangy.

I cannot go any further without giving a shout out to my Thug Kitchen cookbook which was the basis for this recipe. They are geniuses for throwing whole limes into their blenders and creating Ginger Lime Sparklers.

(Some people may gasp at the language used in this cookbook, but overlook it because the recipes are dope and they’re all plant- based!!!)

A local Indian restaurant serves something called ” Nimbu Laid”, which they describe as a ginger mint lemonade. I’m obsessed with it. I never order drinks like this at restaurants, but I have to get one of these drinks every time I go to this place.  Since the first time I tried the Nimbu Laid, I have been scheming to make it at home.  So here is my version, where I took Thug Kitchen’s limeade to a more exotic level!  Are you ready?

I put these items in a blender:

One peeled piece of ginger, sliced (see photo for approximate amounts); one lime washed well and sliced into eight wedges; a handful of fresh mint (add more if you want – it’s hard to have too much mint!); 2 tablespoons of sugar or coconut sugar or whatever sweetener you like; and a cup of drinking water.  Put it all in a blender, turn on high and let it go for a minute or so, until all the big chunks turn into pulp.

Pour your mixture through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl or a big measuring cup. Use your hands to squeeze the pulp as you pour it through.

Taste your concoction, and if need be, pour it back into the blender and add more ginger, lime, mint or sugar.  Just don’t forget: this is a concentrate that you will add sparkling water to.

When the flavors have a good ratio for you (the above ratios that I like are on the tangy and spicy side-yes, ginger is spicy!), fill a glass approximately 1/3 full with your limeade.  Add lots of ice and top off the glass with sparkling water.

I have been making a double batch and keeping it in the fridge for a few days.  I think this would be a great base that you could add gin, vodka, tequila, sake or beer to.  I also think a dash of coconut milk couldn’t possibly hurt it!

When you think about it, the possibilities are endless.  You could easily do lemons in this recipe and get crazy using different herbs instead of mint.  

Let me know what concoctions you come up with!!!

*** This is an excellent opportunity to visit your local international market. Fresh ginger and fresh mint are usually way cheaper at these places. It’s not organic but it’s probably not organic at your typical chain grocer either!***


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