Last year I took a workshop from my friend, Del, who is an artist and holds events called “Design and Wine” at her art studio.  She provides all the supplies and inspiration and you’re welcome to bring an adult beverage to enjoy while having fun being creative in her class!

The class I attended was a series of painted arrow signs-6 of them.  You could paint any words you wanted.  She had examples with words like “love” and “create” painted on them.  I tried to choose what I wanted to paint before I got there, and settled on places that Matt and I had on our travel bucket list.


Matt chose Ireland and Memphis; I chose Spain and Croatia.  We both would love to travel to China or Peru.  Those are our 6 signs.  I figured out how far each place is from our town and painted the mileage along with the name of the place.

I’ve been waiting to find the perfect place to display them. Finally, we installed a post at the front corner of our property.  Now, every time I leave the driveway I see these signs and am reminded of the places I will one day go.  I consider it a conscious act – some may say “manifesting” or “calling forth”- signifying our love of travel and the belief that we will someday get to our dream destinations.


Incidentally, we have a trip planned to Memphis, TN later this year.  See?  Being intentional and thoughtful with everything really does count!


If you live in the Amarillo area, check out Del’s FB for upcoming Design and Wine events!

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