Root Systems

I’m VERY excited to share photos and adventures from our recent trip through part of the south.  I can’t believe it has already been a month since we stayed at Graceland RV park!  But more about Memphis later.

Today’s post is a bit more serious, yet hopeful.   I want to share a quote from a Richard Rohr book that I’m reading called “The Divine Dance.”  I don’t know what I was expecting from this read, but it hasn’t been anything like that expectation, and I’m so glad!  I love this passage:

“Jesus is announcing with his words and exemplifying with his Table and teaching alike, that human persons are created inside of the substantial and infinite love of the Trinity.  You cannot “get” to such a place; you can only rest and rejoice in such a place.”

We can’t earn God’s love, because we are already in it.  Light bulb!!!  We were created inside of it-there’s no getting away from it.  We get to choose how we reflect and mirror this love that we were born into.  What a gift!

I’ve been thinking about this spot that we passed while driving through Mississippi.  Matt flipped the truck around when we passed it because we both were ooh-ing and aww-ing.

Amber Howe_Mississippi trees 2

After reading the above passage this morning, I contemplated the connection between the word and these images.  While it’s dark and dreary all around and the trees seem all but dead, these vibrant flowers tell you there is life still afoot.

Amber Howe_Mississippi trees 3

Maybe we’re in a place where we feel all alone.  Maybe we think we’re not loved.  Look around-look where we’re planted.  Those yellow flowers are like love; it’s something we’re born into.  We may be high up, reaching for light, or maybe not reaching for anything because we’re too caught up in the fact that we’re losing bark or that a snake is nesting in a branch.  We’re distracted.  Perhaps we need to remember what’s underfoot: good soil-the beginning of our thriving. God’s LOVE (our root system) isn’t going away!

Amber Howe_Mississippi trees

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