Travel File: Georgia on My Mind

I’ve officially hit the half-way mark on our road trip through the south!  North Carolina was our final destination and turnaround point (Read about hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains here, apple-picking here, driving through Great Smoky Mountains National Park here & Asheville doughnuts here!)  As I mentioned in the last post, we dipped down into Georgia just because we could, before we drove on to Chattanooga.  Georgia was what I imagined: fields of green, green grass; little old houses; trees covered in Kudzu and water everywhere!  Oh yeah-and you know how much I love clouds (especially those of the New Mexico variety)?  Well, Georgia is right up there with NM!

It was a “let’s just drive and see what happens” kind of day.  Our original thought was to just go over the state line, through the tiny town of McCaysville and find a park to stop and have our lunch.

mccaysville map

We ended up doing something like this instead.

But…The cute little tourist town didn’t seem to have a park.  We thought we found one on Google maps, but it took us to a housing development up a mountain instead.  But the view sure was nice!
mccaysville downtownWhat actually happened was that we stopped in a church parking lot for our picnic instead!  The building was surrounded by land that was invaded by Kudzu vines.  It’s a beautiful plant, but everyone hates it because it’s terrifically invasive!


Kudzu winds its way up everything and often you think, “Oh, what a beautiful green grove of trees.”  But in actuality the green isn’t the trees, but it’s the vine strangling the trees.

When we turned north back into Tennessee, we followed along the Ocoee River, which was one of my favorite drives from the whole trip.  There’s a ton of whitewater rafting happening in this area and Lake Ocoee and Parksville Lake were beautiful!
ocoee river
lake ocoee

Have you traveled through this area?  What are YOUR favorite spots?


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