About Me

Dear friends,

I started this blog for two main reasons:  1)  as a means of sharing my life with friends and family whom I do not live close to; and 2)  to share things that I am passionate about.

What am I passionate about?  TOO MANY things, really.  I love all things crafty and DIY.  I love to cook (almost always healthy, with a few desserts thrown in just for kicks). I love taking photographs.  I LOVE TO TRAVEL.  Really, anything new and interesting that I’ve never seen or done before is game.  I love my cats and my dog.  I love sewing and fashion.  I am passionate about spreading love in a world that needs it.  I want to encourage, uplift, engage, embrace.  I love to write.

The goal of this blog is to feed the energy of all I feel passionate about.  I want my passion to fuel your passion.  I want YOU to be inspired, just as I have been inspired.  It is my wish to not only witness, but be a part of, the kinetic energy of a creative world.  We, as creative and unique individuals, are always moving, morphing, discovering.  Our lives are a result of how we pursue our passions.  The beating of my heart is in direct correlation to the passions that give it life.  It is a KineticHeart.

Won’t you join me in the discovery?



One thought on “About Me

  1. Amber! I am Vicky Vaughan (MaMaVic) & I live in Canyon! We have much in common. Interested in A&C books, sewing books, etc., etc.? I’m passing mine on, but having a hard time finding anyone interested. 806/778-3969 Text or call or vickyv1950@gmail.com. I LOVE the Canyons & grew up on the Caprock (literally) between Silverton & Quitaque. Later …

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